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Rosa trepadora y ramblers Cécile Brünner Clg

Cécile Brünner Clg


Cécile Brünner, Climbing
David Austin Recommended Variety

Category Climbing and Rambler Roses

(Climbing Roses)
Bred By Hosp.
Colour Blush Pink
Flower Type Double/Full Bloom
Size Tall Climber
Hardiness Average
Fragrance Medium
Repeating None
Special Characteristics Needs a cool winter to encourage flowering. Particularly free flowering.Miniature Hybrid Tea flowers

This rose produces numerous, small, exquisitely formed flowers, like tiny Hybrid Teas. Their color is a pale pink, deepening towards the center. They hold their beauty long after the bud has opened. They are sometimes known, when cut, as ‘Sweetheart Roses’. Despite the daintiness of the flower, this is an extremly vigorous climber which will reach 25 ft. (8 m) in height if grown up a tree; it will then spread through the branches and cover it with festoons of pink flowers. Once flowering only. A most charming and reliable climbing rose, that is free of disease and relatively thornless.

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