lunes, 2 de febrero de 2009

Rosal inglés Evelyn (Aussaucer)

Evelyn (Aussaucer)


Evelyn (Aussaucer) David Austin Recommended Variety
Category: English Roses (English Rose Collection)
Bred By:David Austin
Colour:Apricot & Pink
Flower Type: Double/Full Bloom
Size:Medium ShrubShort Climber
Fragrance: Old Rose and FruitStrong
Repeating: Good
Special Characteristics: Repeat flowering. Particularly large blooms
‘Evelyn’ bears giant, apricot colored flowers of a shallow, saucer-like shape, with numerous small petals inter-twined within. This is not the most vigorous of English Roses, but the individual flower is absolutely magnificent. Its great glory is its wonderful fragrance, which is similar in style to an Old Rose, but with a sumptuous fruity note reminiscent of fresh peaches and apricot. Named on behalf of Crabtree & Evelyn, who used it in their range of rose perfumes.

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