lunes, 2 de febrero de 2009

Rosal inglés Harlow Carr

Harlow Carr


Harlow Carr (Aushouse) David Austin Recommended Variety
Category English Roses (English Rose Collection)
Bred By David Austin
Flower Type Double/Full Bloom
Hardiness Hardy
Fragrance Strong
Repeating Good

A tough little rose that bears flowers of the most perfect formation - shallow cups of the purest rose pink. These hold their form to the end; the occasional petal falling back to give a pleasing effect. The plant has an excellent bushy habit, maturing into an attractively rounded shrub with its flowers almost to ground level - a characteristic that we particularly favour at David Austin Roses. The young foliage is bronze at first, later becoming green - and the whole plant is of truly ‘Old Rose’ character. There is a strong, pure Old Rose fragrance that has been described as reminiscent of rose-based cometics. Harlow Carr is the newest and most northerly of the R.H.S. gardens. A fine display of English Roses has been created there. 4 ft. x 3 ft. x 1.0m.

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