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Rosal inglés James Galway

James Galway


James Galway (Auscrystal) David Austin Variedad recomendada
Categoria English Roses (English Rose Collection)
Cultivado por: David Austin
Color rosa cálido en el centro, y algo más oscuro en las puntas.
Tipo de flor Double/Full Bloom
Talla Arbusto medio o trepadora corta
Dureza Dura
Fragrancia Media a rosal antiguo
Repetitivo Buena
Caracteristicas especiales Muy duro casi sin espinas, de crecimiento arqueado. Petalos fuertemente fijados.

A superb, large shrub with long, slightly arching, almost thornless growth - typical of our 'Leander' group. This is a tough, disease-free rose that is excellent for the back of a mixed border and can be trained into a wonderful short cimber. The flowers are large and full, with many petals arranged in a neat formation. The colour is a lovely warm pink at the centre, shading to pale pink at the edges. There is a delicious Old Rose fragrance. It was named in celebration of the 60th birthday of James Galway, the world famous flautist.
5 ft. x 4 ft.

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