lunes, 2 de febrero de 2009

Rosal inglés, Skylark (Ausimple)

Skylark (Ausimple)


Skylark (Ausimple) David Austin variedad recomendada
Categoría: Rosal inglés
Cultivada por: David Austin
Tipo de rosa: Semi Doble
Dureza: Rosal muy resistente
Fragancia: ligera
Repetición: excelente

It is always our desire to bring as much variety of form, fragrance and growth as possible to our English Roses and this rose is a good example. The flowers are semi-double and of open, cupped shape with prominent stamens. The colour is deep pink at first, later paling slightly to lilac-pink. At the centre of the flower there is a small white area. There is a light but pleasing fragrance – Musk and Tea with clove and a hint of ‘apple pie’! The growth is light and airy, building up into a natural, well-rounded shrub of 3 ft. high x 2 ft. across. An ideal choice for planting amongst other shrubs or perennials towards the front of a mixed border. The name was suggested by Sister Elizabeth who remembers seeing and hearing a skylark when she first visited our Nursery

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